Published on : 26 April 20203 min reading time

In order not to get bogged down in routine, it is always better to innovate and play on surprises. Don’t leave your life as a couple on the rails, and go without flavour.

Break the routine

Whether you’ve been in a couple for a short time or for years, whether you’ve been living together for a short time or not, or even for young couples, it’s important not to get caught up in the daily grind and get caught up in the daily grind. Romantic dinners, je t’aime and small tokens of affection or love (flower and chocolate) are beautiful. But statistically, it has been proven that the glue that keeps a relationship going is sexual satisfaction. The second ingredient is money. Give your partner a naughty couple gift and see what he or she likes and prefers. Many sexual items are currently available for sale without taboo. Examples include naughty striptease sets, sexy underwear, fur handcuffs, edible lingerie, …

Spice up the sex games

Role-playing games are also a good way to get in the mood. Indeed, getting scalded by throwing yourself a few splits is a sensual foreplay, which can break the routine.

The most interesting for a couple who already have experience is the execution of each other’s fantasies. This reflects the maturity of the couple. Indeed, telling one’s fantasy (the most unmentionable) to one’s partner is a proof of confidence, which is sublimated by the other’s desire to give satisfaction to this erotic parenthesis.

Dare to play with sex toys

Using an accessory, whether it’s just for touching or to simulate penetration, is invigorating. For couples who know each other by heart, use these instruments to break the coldness of mechanical caressing gestures.

Whips, for example, are not meant to hurt each other, but to heighten the senses of your sexual partner or playmate. Indeed, the different objects and sex toys are perceived by the senses as a third actor in the sexual act. As a result, there is more eroticism in the act which, without these objects will have been only to satisfy a desire.

The use of handcuffs (usually made of fur), can also reveal the submissive woman or man, who loves to be guided (and a little manhandled) who slumbers in one of the two partners.

Don’t stay on the beaten track, so dare to use your imagination. It’s a simple but precious gift for your couple.